Lesson Program

No Horse?  No Problem!

Charlesgate has a great group of school horses available for lessons.  Our program is both challenging and fun, and we welcome beginner to advanced riders, ages 5 and up.  

Why Charlesgate

Learning to ride is an exciting and rewarding process, and we want to make sure that all our students progress and benefit from the extensive experience of our dedicated trainers.  To accomplish this, our program is designed specifically to promote goal-setting and consistency. 


Our students are expected to take a minimum of 10 lessons per 6-week session and are encouraged to participate in 3 local horse shows a year.  Routine training is crucial to developing a rider's skills, and showing not only helps students build long-lasting friendships with their fellow riders, but also apply the skills they've worked so hard to achieve in their lessons.  Because we firmly believe horsemanship is an important part of becoming a good rider as well, our lessons often even include unmounted instruction such as tacking, grooming, cooling, etc. to educate students in proper horse care.  This in addition to regular meetings with the trainer to review each client's achievements, set new objectives, and develop a training strategy to reach them, is what sets our lessons apart as a quality and successful program.  


The exciting option of also joining us at some of the larger, A-Rated away shows, is also be available to lesson students upon leasing a school horse. The experience a student gains at these shows cannot be overstated!  A half lease on a horse or pony allows students to develop a bond with a specific horse, the ability to ride that horse three times a week, as well as show on the same horse they've worked so diligently with to reach their riding and horsemanship goals.  This is also a step toward joining our in-house horse show team.

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